Kromers distinctive approach incorporates the traditional RIBA steps, with an emphasises on accountability enabling us to provide intuitive, world-class solutions.

We employ a meticulously audited, unique methodology that delivers quality and security throughout the process. Our unwavering commitment is reflected in our adherence to industry standards, including ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials, RIBA, and the employment of SmartScore Accredited Professionals.

These stringent governance measures ensure that our clients receive exceptional results while maintaining the utmost quality and security.

Requirement Gathering

We start every engagement with the gathering of the requirements. That is the requirements of the organisation and the people.

Project Brief

With the requirements confirmed we prepare the project plan including the desired outcomes for both the organisation and their people.

High-Level Design

We prepare a high-level design which incorporates both the requirements and outcomes whilst being aligned to the core strategies.

Architectural Concept

We undertake design studies, engineering analysis, proof of concepts and cost exercises to confirm the design and space.

Detailed Design

We provide all of the design information required to procure , manufacture and construct the project. This includes creating and executing an RFP.

Project Delivery

Acting as the trusted advisor for our clients we provide quality assurance and programme management. This guarantees quality for our clients, delivering on their vision.

Project Handover

Handing over our solutions in line with the plan for use strategy. We complete a light touch post occupancy evaluation and initiate the aftercare plan.


With the building in use we will complete a post occupancy evaluation, ensuring that the desired outcomes and requirements are met by the final solution.

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