People Led Technology Consultancy

People Led Technology Consultancy

Specialising in Audio-Visual & Multimedia, Broadcast, IT & Networks and Smart Buildings & Workspaces

Introduction to Kromers

Kromers is a consultancy practice that places people before technology. In other words, we put human needs and values at the centre of our approach, rather than focusing primarily on technological solutions. Our unique approach creates a culture that fosters collaboration, empathy, and creativity. 



As people-centric consultants with a comprehensive expertise in multiple technology disciplines, it is our ability to translate complex human requirements into holistic and intuitive technology-based solutions that makes us unique.

Whilst our services cover a wide range of technologies our specialisms include Audio-Visual, Broadcast, IT & Networks and Smart Buildings & Workspaces.


Kromers distinctive approach incorporates the traditional RIBA steps, with an emphasises on accountability enabling us to provide intuitive, world-class solutions.

We employ a meticulously audited, unique methodology that delivers quality and security throughout the process. Our unwavering commitment is reflected in our adherence to industry standards, including ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials, RIBA, and the employment of SmartScore Accredited Professionals.

These stringent governance measures ensure that our clients receive exceptional results while maintaining the utmost quality and security.


Our projects demonstrate the tangible results we have achieved for our clients. Through our in-depth analysis, strategic thinking, and innovative solutions, we have successfully tackled diverse challenges across various industries.

Whether it’s enhancing experiences, implementing cutting-edge technologies, or optimising processes, our case studies exemplify our commitment to transforming businesses and achieving exceptional results.

Explore our collection of projects to discover how we can help your organisation overcome hurdles and unlock its full potential.