About Us

About Us

Kromers is a consultancy practice that places people above technology. In other words, we put human needs and values at the center of our approach, rather than focusing primarily on technological solutions. Our unique approach creates a culture that fosters collaboration, empathy, and creativity. 

We recognise that technology can be an important tool, but it should always serve the needs of people. Our people-first approach means that we listen to and understand the needs and perspectives of our clients, as well as the people who our work will impact.

We work closely with clients to create solutions tailored to their unique circumstances and goals. This delivers spaces that excite, engage and optimise their operations.

Our approach is comprehensive, incorporating our own tried-and-tested methodology that aligns with the traditional RIBA stages. This ensures quality and consistency in our delivery, providing our clients, partners, and stakeholders with peace of mind.

Message from our Managing Partner

When Kromers was formed in 2016, it was decided that our principles must be front and foremost of what we do, that they couldn’t be just a sales pitch, and that we must live by them every day; we would wear them on our sleeve.

Those principles are honesty and integrity. These remain as true today as they did in 2016. This ethos ensures we seek like-minded individuals who believe in our principles and only deliver honest, impartial advice to our clients and their people.

As a fiercely independent consultancy we put people first and technology second, only recommending technology where it adds value to the organisation and the people.

Jonathan Foot – Founding and Managing Partner

Core Values

People First Always

At Kromers, people always come first. We prioritise their well-being, needs, and experiences. By actively listening, empathising, and fostering inclusivity, we build genuine relationships and make a positive impact on their lives


We uphold, transparency, and ethical conduct. By maintaining our highest standards, we foster an environment of trust, reliability, and credibility, establishing strong and enduring relationships with our stakeholders.


Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We demonstrate this by consistently adhering to our core principles, even in the face of challenges or difficult decisions. Our actions align with our words

Stay Curious

Our diverse work demands an open mindset. By fostering curiosity and exploring innovative concepts, we unlock opportunities for innovation. We learn and collaborate to stay ahead of emerging technologies.

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