Vendor Management & Delivery

Delivering Quality at Every Stage.

Managing the delivery of a technical project requires a specialist skillset. Kromers employ highly skilled technical project managers to assist our clients. Their role is to ensure the smooth and seamless delivery of the solution, whilst guaranteeing the quality of the integration.

The Kromers team will start the process with a kick-off meeting with the chosen vendor during which the early establishment of the deployment schedule will be agreed upon.

With the project underway, the vendors detailed drawings will be approved and signed off, and coordinated with the organisation and other trades to confirm dependencies on others. This will safeguard and support the integration being delivered in a timely fashion.

With the integration taking shape any variation or change that may be required will be overseen by Kromers and presented to the organisation promptly with recommendations for approval or decline.

Kromers will provide client representation and support for offsite witness testing of the solutions, systems, and equipment racks (where pertinent). Ensuring quality installation and the desired functionality are delivered at every stage.

The ongoing vendor management, including build progress and quality checking, adherence to design and functionality, and checking coordination with others, both on and off-site is also the responsibility of Kromers.