Smart Buildings & Organisations

Smart Organisations, not Automated Buildings.

Smart Buildings have been around for many years and discussed for many more. However, the number of truly Smart Buildings is still relatively low. This is as historically there has been a missing piece of the Smart Building puzzle, The Human, The User, The People.


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Kromers understands that Smart Buildings are no longer just about how we can make a building intelligent in its reaction to the presence of people, or just about creating an environmentally or energy-efficient structure. It’s how we can make the organisation, and the buildings that form part of it, work for people, for their now more complex and varying needs. This creates not a Smart Building, but a truly Smart Organisation.

To go about creating our Smart Organisation, Kromers deal with the show-stopping challenges that Smart Buildings have often suffered to date.

  • Understanding the strategic benefits
  • Building a business case that demonstrates an ROI.
  • Integrating of traditionally siloed departments and technologies, into a single, holistic, intuitive solution.

Kromers role is to develop and enhance the journeys and experiences of the people. To do this, we must start by gathering their requirements, then develop a functional solution that meets their needs, whilst ensuring that the solution meets the technological and security needs of the organisation.