What can we do for you?

System analysis and reporting

By inviting Kromers into your business, we can review your existing needs and technology, and provide you with a report on your available courses of action. This report is truly independent, and will only recommend what is best for you, no matter how big or small.

Knowledge sessions

Too often technology systems are labelled as ‘faulty’ or ‘unreliable’, when it can often be a lack of operational knowledge that is the issue.  And this is understandable - corporate and commercial technology is often bespoke. Training may have been given to your staff when it was first installed, but this quickly gets forgotten, staff members move on, and that oh-so-important knowledge goes with them.
At Kromers, we provide bespoke training sessions on your technology and for your staff. We know that one size does not fit all, so we take the time to understand your business needs and analyse your systems to craft a training and user guide package to perfectly fit your requirements.


Minor tweaks and changes

Sometimes your technology no longer matches your business needs. Rather than bin it all, Kromers are experts in reviewing technology to identify areas that could be moulded and melded to make it a valuable tool for you again.
Via a carefully detailed specification, Kromers will provide you with the information to engage with your existing technology provider to make the necessary changes to your technology system. Or if you’d prefer, we can introduce you to carefully chosen partners to enact your important changes to our exacting standards.


New technology designs

Once Kromers have completed our analysis, it may be that only new technology can meet your needs and requirements. Should you decide to investigate this option further Kromers can supply you a fully detailed specification that you can issue to your chosen technology provider, or Kromers’ carefully chosen partner providers.


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