Tender Creation

Accurate Information Driving Responsibility

The information that is included within the tender is a key ingredient in ensuring that the vendors can take responsibility for delivering a fully working solution. It is for this reason that Kromers produce a full detailed tender pack. The tender pack includes a full detailed equipment specification, along with a bill of quantities, a detailed written performance specification, and a full detailed scope of works document.

The Scope of works explains to the potential vendors’ several key facts including.

  • Expected response format
  • Performance responsibilities of respondents
  • Specification of build standards
  • Build stages
  • Acceptance testing stages and terms
  • Suggested commercial terms with regards to the contract portion
  • Sign-off criteria

This single pack is delivered to the procurement team within the organisation. As all the documents are identically formatted, they allow for easily comparable responses to be received. This approach also allows for Vendors to recommend alternative manufacturers and models without compromising the design integrity.