Requirement Gathering

Understanding your unique business needs and the requirements of the people.

The requirement gathering is an exercise that Kromers believes is a vital part of our consulting process. The aim of the requirements gathering is to understand the ambitions of the organisation and the needs of the people.

The gathering of the requirements begins with the interviewing of the stakeholders, to understand the ambitions and goals of the organisation, recognise where the organisation is today and where they want to be when the project has concluded. With the ambitions of the organisation confirmed we need to understand the demands of the people.

We will survey and interview the people to confirm their requirements. We will review their current journeys and experiences and understand areas for possible improvements.

We will complete a full detailed analysis of available data This ensures that decisions and recommendations are fact-based. Allowing an organisation to invest in the correct solutions to meet their ambitions.

To close out the requirement gathering phase, Kromers prepare a full report detailing the ambitions of the organisations and the requirements of the people. This report is supplemented with the data that has been analysed and augmented from the surveys and responses of the people, whilst demonstrating any gaps between the people’s expectations and requirements and the organisations, along with recommendations on how to bridge them.