Leading Global Investment Bank

A Leading Global Investment Bank selected Kromers to work with them on the design, engineering, and delivery of their new EMEA HQ in central London, to deliver a building for their future.

The Need 

A Global Investment Bank was relocating their EMEA HQ to a new 1.3 million square foot location in London and needed a people-focussed Audio-Visual Consultancy to design and deliver their standard and non-standard workplace settings. 

With such large office space, as well as a 350-seat auditorium and other event spaces, it was clear that the solutions delivered would not only need to be cutting edge, but also easy to use, sustainable, and maintainable for security, and network requirements. The people and stakeholders from across the business would need to be consulted to make sure that their requirements were catered for throughout the numerous diverse and disparate spaces.

The Answer

From gathering the requirements of the people and creating supporting functional narratives, through to designing, engineering, and managing the deliver of the solution that would meet the space requirements, all whilst utilising either approved equipment or working with the network and securities teams to approve the necessary technology, the answer was to engage Kromers.

Kromers were engaged to deliver the full scope of works including delivering tender packages to multiple vendors, tender execution, providing impartial expert advice for both commercial and technical swim lanes, as well as delivering close management of the packages of works for the entire audio-visual & broadcast packages.

The Outcome

The investment bank has easily the most technologically advanced auditorium in the UK that continues to evolve and meet the changing needs of the organisation, as they move from traditional events through to a pandemic-driven “Hybrid” event schedule. Only the design and engineering excellence that Kromers provided would allow such flexibility from such a large and complex space. When this is combined with the additional 144 spaces that have been designed, engineered, and delivery managed, the bank really has an AV and broadcast solution-set for the future.

The outcome is a truly staggering building that not only meets their needs for today but also delivers future workspaces where, even in today’s ever-changing hybrid agile workplace, the people are able to use to improve their efficiency and productivity.