Global Social Media Platform

This client selected Kromers to work with them on the very fabric of their Audio Visual and Network designs and delivery, with hugely impressive results.

The Need

As one of the world’s largest Social Media corporate giants, delivery of their highly complex Audio Visual, Broadcasting and Networking solutions needed some attention for this client.

With massive growth over a relatively short period, they recognised that inefficiencies and poor practise had become part of the day-to-day. 

They engaged Kromers to examine and improve their technical designs and documentation. However, on deeper discovery and engagement it became clear that there were some fundamental flaws in their project delivery model, and that to address one without the other would result in failure.


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The Answer

From Functional Narrative creation, through revised Bill of Material layouts and content, bespoke Commercial Terms creation, redefined Build Standards, and a total remodelling of the Project Delivery Process, the client received a full package of works from Kromers addressing every element of Audio Visual, Broadcast systems and Network project delivery.

Gone are vendor engagements that leave the client exposed and at risk. Gone are system designs that, whilst technically correct, expose them to wildly varying costs, reduced vendor responsibility, and ever extending timescales. And gone are poor performance metrics, late deliveries, and stressed and beleaguered team members.

av over networks kromers consultancy

The Outcome

Acknowledging the differences between IT and AV has provided the client with industry leading capabilities, enabling fully detailed technical Solutions to be procured and delivered, on budget, to standard, and on time.

Such is the fundamental shift in project delivery success that Kromers’ engagement with the client continues outside of our original engagement. News of the seismic impact of our works has spread from Europe throughout the client organisation, such that Kromers are providing our skills into other areas of technical specification and procurement, so that they too may enjoy the huge success our skill and experience has brought.