Procurement Strategy & Management

Right Vendor for your Project

Kromers have unrivalled commercial experience and knowledge, therefore our clients rely on us to assist them with the procurement strategy and management. This starts with Kromers recommending vendors for inclusion in the tender process. The recommendations for inclusion are based on experience, suitability, quality, and financial stability for the project



With the right vendors included within the process, Kromers will manage the full tender process. This includes, pre, mid, and post tender interviews to ensure that the vendor has all the available knowledge and adheres to the process. This will culminate with valid, quality responses from all the vendors, whilst delivering like-for-like responses for easy comparison.

When the responses are returned Kromer will complete a full assessment. This will result in recommendations for those to be shortlisted for post-tender interviews, along with a matrix scorecard that clearly demonstrates how the shortlist was compiled.

Once the post-tender interviews have been completed a final scoring matrix will be provided for the organisations procurement team. This will allow the organisation to contract the right vendor for their individual project and have a clear scoring matrix to share with the vendors to ensure that they have the feedback to improve their responses for future requirements.

Kromers are also able to provide advice and guidance around contracting with the successful vendor. This includes the recommended stages for payment, percentage payments as well as post-installation support of the integrated solution.