HUTI – Holistic User Technology Integration

What is HUTI?

HUTI is the art of bringing together all the siloed and disparate systems that organisations have within their buildings and allowing the people to benefit by giving them access via a holistic, simple, intuitive, and integrated interface. This also benefits the organisation by providing real data that allows them to make informed, progressive decisions that are not only proactive, but also commercially advantageous.

Why is HUTI required?

With the arrival of the global pandemic, the need to work flexibly was forced upon all organisations, even those that were traditional in their approach. Whilst the pandemic will thankfully, fade into the background of our lives over time, the Pandora’s Box that is the flexible work-life people have experienced during the pandemic, has been opened and it can never be fully closed.

Organisations are now striving to deliver a truly hybrid working environment. A working environment where the people are empowered to work anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. Where the office and the home are designed to complement each other. This has resulted in the need for the organisation’s real estate to be more flexible and adaptive to meet the needs of the people, along with the aims and ambitions of organisations. In essence to create a ‘Smart Organisation’.

Organisations have tried many different solutions, even more so during the pandemic, trying to encourage and excite people to return to the office. However, the only solution that has longevity, is to move from traditional work settings, to a flexible, hybrid working model. To achieve this, the real estate must also change to become smarter, integrated, more interactive, and proactive to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. It needs to become HUTI.

What benefits does HUTI deliver?

HUTI delivers the opportunity for organisations in the post pandemic world to reduce their existing real estate footprint, to create a ’Smart Organisation‘ and invest into smarter, greener, more flexible, and adaptive real estates.

HUTI gives organisations the ability to reduce real costs, increase the wellbeing and productivity of their people, and improve the retention and attraction of the talent. All whilst reducing the environmental impact of their buildings.

How does HUTI delivery these benefits?

A Smart Organisation has the ability to proactively manage and monitor the utilisation of their real estate, whilst communicating to and delivering on the needs of the people.

Since the technology contained within the building is delivered to the people on an integrated, holistic, simple-to-use and intuitive interface that not only informs the people and organisation about the utilisation of the building, but also actively communicates with both parties, it enables them to make informed decisions.

For example, the decision for the organisation could be the result of a requirement for  another floor opening due to the number of people wanting to use the space on that day. Or that a meeting room has more participants than it was designed for, but another meeting room is available that would be more suitable in terms of space.

This same system could also inform the people that additional members of their team are going to the office, and ask them if they would like to book a desk to be closer to them and inform the people in the meeting room that is overcrowded that the room next door maybe more suitable for their needs.

By truly integrating the solutions into a single interface we can deliver the people outstanding experiences, outcomes, and journeys across both the technology and the physical space, whilst providing the organisation with a holistic single pane of glass interface across their real estate.

How do we build a HUTI business case?

To go about creating the business case for HUTI and a Smart Organisation, we must deal with the show-stopping challenges that Smart Buildings have often suffered to date.

  • Understanding the strategic benefits.
  • Building a business case that demonstrates an ROI.
  • Integrating a number of traditionally siloed departments and technologies into a single, holistic, intuitive solution.

Historically, the typical C-Suite’s view on Smart Buildings, was that they were unable to see the strategic advantages outside of kudos, and energy/environmental benefits, and the marketing opportunities that these bring. The financial benefits of a cautious reduction in real estate size, were always offset by the fear of reduced productivity and innovation from the people, especially those who would be potentially disgruntled through the loss of their personal desk or office.

This is where Kromers’ unique experience, skillset and engineering excellence add value to their clients. Translating the needs of the people into technical solutions across siloed and disparate systems while bringing together contrasting departments to deliver a truly unified, integrated solution that adds benefit to all.

Kromers is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Technology Integration Consultancy Practice that works with some of the world’s largest organisations to deliver truly Holistic User Technology Integrations, that are designed for their space, real estate and networks, while demonstrating a significant ROI.


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