Final Build Witnessing & Sign Off

Perfect, Snag-Free Solution & Delivery.

With the project nearing completion, the quality of the integration and the functionality of the solution needs to be confirmed. Therefore, Kromer will have detailed involvement in the vendor system commissioning and programming to safeguard the systems and ensure that the solution meets the client’s needs, requirements, and ambitions that have already been recorded.

If any snags or defects are found these will be recorded and Kromers will manage the resolution prior to the handover of the systems to the client. Once the system is snag-free Kromers will complete a final detailed quality review and acceptance testing assessment. Only once the solution has passed the final assessment will the sign-off be completed.

With the solution passed over to the client, the training can begin. This will be monitored at every stage to ensure that a smooth transition into the operational organisation. Kromers will also be onsite to support the client and vendor during the first use of the solution, this guarantees the smooth running and increased uptake by the people.

The unique last step that Kromers apply prior to the closure of all projects is to complete a client review. During this review, Kromers will complete a detailed analysis of the originally approved scope of works and the requirements gathered during the requirements gathering phase.

Only once this is reviewed, the solutions tested against the scope and approved by the client will Kromers consider the project completed.