People, Organisation, Technology, and Data

Kromers have a simple approach to delivering a solution to meet our client’s needs. We start with the requirements of the People, understand the ambitions of the Organisation, design the Technology to meet the demands, and use the Data for improved decision-making and continuous improvement.


Whilst technology is ever-evolving, and fast-paced Kromers start every engagement with the people. Understanding their requirements, completing a needs analysis, finding additional benefits that can improve efficiency and productivity is key to a successful project. The people will need supporting to change their behaviours to adapt to the transformation.


Understanding the ambitions of the organisation ensures that the Kromers engagement delivers the goals the organisation is striving to achieve. With the ambitions agreed and the physical/designed space reviewed to confirm how it will be used, will allow Kromers to help with the budgeting and business case for the transformation, ensuring that any financial savings can be moved to the project to enhance the experience and journeys of the people.


Kromers heritage in engineering excellence ensures that all of the systems we design and engineer are robust, resilient, secure, and scalable all whilst exciting and engaging the people using them and those who are fortunate enough to encounter the output of the solutions. When this approach is combined with superb deployment it delivers exceptional experiences and journeys for the people.

Data / Analytic

Before consulting on any transformation, Kromers will analyse the available data to ensure that the advice we provide is based on hard facts. Kromers will also measure the data throughout the project to ensure that the people are included and taken on the journey. With the project completed the data can be constantly reviewed and utilised for improved, faster decision making and continuous improvements.

Delivery Methodology

When the Kromers approach is coupled with our unique delivery methodology, it delivers exceptional experiences and journeys for the people, whilst achieving the goals and ambitions of the organisation, and allowing them to analyse real data for future transformations.

The Kromers delivery methodology has been used on countless projects across the globe and guarantees customer satisfaction. This methodology ensures Kromers maintains accountability whilst delivering the highest quality, most intuitive solutions, that meet or exceed the expectations, of both the organisation and its people.

The delivery methodology consists of 7 steps:

1 – Requirement Gathering

2 – High-Level Design

3 – Detailed Design

4 – Tender Creation

5 – Procurement

6 – Delivery Management

7 – Project Completion


Client Review

The unique last step that Kromers apply before the closure of all projects is to complete a client review. During this review, the originally approved scope of works, the requirements of the people, and the ambitions of the organisation will be analysed and tested against the final solution, ensuring that the requirements have been met.